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As an early adopter of remote working — I serviced many of my clients in North America while living in Australia in the late 90s — I’ve become accustomed to working in almost any location or environment. However, if you’re just starting out because of circumstances and need to work from home or you’re renting a desk for the first time from one of the many coworking spaces, it can take some time to get used to the new working arrangement.

To help ease the adjustment, there are a number of practices you can implement to help you and your…

Don’t let poor support ruin your implementation & use

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Whether your company is investing in a new CRM or an email marketing automation platform, you’re likely to experience a range of emotions from excitement to frustration and potentially even dread.

In most cases, there’s always a unique high that helps to kick start a new technology project. With the lure of promises and a shiny new product that will help you and your team reach new heights, it’s difficult not to get excited. Who doesn’t want to pad their Linkedin profile with a new skill?

Though once the paperwork is signed and the real work begins, the length of…

Note (Dec 3, 2020): These instructions are for Google’s Universal Analytics only. They do not apply to Google Analytics 4 which does not currently provide any way for you to filter results. I expect Google to add this functionality in the near future.

Whether you look at your data in Google Analytics once a month, week or day, there’s a good chance you’ve come to trust it as an accurate source of activity from your website or app. Heck why wouldn’t you. It’s Google. They must know what they’re doing.

The truth though while Google Analytics is a great product…

With 2017 now clearly in the rear view mirror and all the latest stats pointing to a very healthy holiday season, many etailers are setting their sites for greater growth in 2018.

According to the US National Retail Federation, overall online holiday sales reached $138.4 billion, up 11.5% from 2016. Research by Adobe also confirmed very healthy stats across the various channels including:

  • Organic and paid search drove the lion share of visits during the 2017 holiday season with 23.5% and 21.3% of all ecommerce traffic respectively
  • Traffic from email accounted for 20% of all holiday site visits
  • 2017 Black…

With the holiday and the shopping season upon us there’s a good chance that you plan to increase your remarketing as part of your marketing mix. Thanks to the likes of Criteo, Google and Adroll, remarketing has become an easy channel to turn on and ramp up based on seasonality or to coincide with other advertising initiatives. While it can be a great way to nudge the fence sitters to act, it can also be overused, annoy your customer and lead to waste.

With the right strategy in place though, you’ll be in a better position to turn your visitors…

In today’s startup world it’s easy to argue that there’s less of a need to toil over the perfect go-to-market strategy, especially when you can easily pivot if it fails. Failure is inevitable, so why not experience it early and often goes the saying. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Ask anyone who’s had to shut down their business or sell prematurely, it’s fucking painful, made more difficult after the fact when you realize that you backed the wrong horse and pissed away your investor’s money.

So what can you do to improve your chances and focus on…

Tom Petryshen

Ecommerce & Data Driven Executive and Mentor @ Founders Institute Vancouver & Futurepreneur Canada

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