Eight Steps to Cleaner Data in Google Analytics

1. Secure your Site

2. Tag your Sources

Default Channel Grouping showing Other channel with misplaced traffic
Referral source showing missing Medium tag
New channel to sort paid social campaigns

3. Update Organic Search

Misplaced organic search traffic sitting in Referral channel
Example: Organic Search Source filter

4. Normalize your Data on the Fly

Example: New filter to normalise all campaign names in lowercase
Example: New filter to normalize path paths to lowercase
Example: Search and Replace filter to combine all Facebook traffic as a single source
Example: How to normalise data in Google Tag Manager

5. Exclude Internal Traffic

Example: IP address exclusion filter

6. Block the Bots & Spiders

Example: Basic bot filtering in Google Analytics

Exorcise your Ghosts

Example: Filter to remove ghost spam

ISP Organisation Networks

Example: Filter to remove bots from common Internet Service Providers

Watch your Language

Example of bot traffic with language disguised as c
Example of bot traffic with special messages
Example: Filter to remove language spam

Eliminate Fake Referral Spam

Example: Referral Source Report in Google Analytics with Bounce Rate filter set to 100%
Example: Custom Report in Google Analytics with Bounce Rate filter set to 100%
Example: Exclusion filter to remove fake referral spam
Example: A segment template to filter historical data using scripts provided by Carlos Escalera
Example: Side by side of data with Clean segment applied

7. Remove Anomalies

Example: Month over month comparison with data containing anomalies
Example: Source of anomaly showing high number of Transactions & low Avg. Order Value
Example: True month over month comparison with anomalies removed

8. Remove Duplicate Transactions

Example: A custom report to check for duplicate transactions

Ecommerce & Data Driven Executive and Mentor @ Founders Institute Vancouver & Futurepreneur Canada

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